The Flockworthy team

The Architect
Bokole "Bo" Braun

Flockworthy is a feat of architecture, planning and engineering unto itself. By some accident of fate, Bo was formally trained in the archaic art and science of building cities from scratch. The pragmatist he is, Bo eventually transferred those skills into software development. An avid believer in the connecting power of the internet, Bo is persistently insistent upon digitizing the Flockworthy community in hopes of strengthening its own powers of connection. Additionally, Bo brings with him the experiences of co-founding two start-ups: (y)ourCities and

The Connector
Reuben Goldstein

Flockworthy seeks to foster a community (both online and offline) for creatives, movers and shakers and financial backers to develop big ideas into viable and sustainable projects. Reuben’s unique talents and perspectives place him at the core of this mission. A natural networker, Reuben sees where people fit into the equation and engages them with ease. His agreeable demeanor and playful wit are also balanced with some serious business and accounting skills; endowing him with an uncanny ability to oversee Flockworthy’s flow of human and financial capital.