What We're All About

flock·wor·thy \ˈfläk-ˌwər-thē\

  1. : deserving the utmost esteem, praise, attention and investment from the wider community.
    proper noun
  1. : An online crowdfunding community dedicated to the advancement of great causes, products and ideas.

At Flockworthy we believe innovators should be rewarded for all the awesome things they do. We also recognize that brilliant scientists, inventors and artists benefit greatly from the communities that cultivate them. Flockworthy is dedicated to the unsung heroes of innovation: the fans, supporters, believers, friends, families, neighbors, citizens, users, likers, sharers, tweeters, backers, hackers, pre-innovators, teachers, inspirers, dreamers, donors, angel-funders, investors, day traders, pensioners, tax payers and free markets. We have a special term for these folks: "the Flock." Without the Flock, the innovators would have no starting point, no market place, no purpose. As a Flockster, you literally mean everything to us. Flockworthy’s business model depends entirely on your donations to the causes you believe in. Without you, we wouldn’t be in business and neither would the innovators.

What We Are

Flockworthy is a start-up crowdfunding platform. That means we raise money for Flock-worthy causes by collecting relatively small donations from large pools of donors. We're also a tax-paying, for-profit business with real overhead expenses. To stay afloat, we charge a percentage fee on all successful crowdfunding campaigns. Our fees go toward paying for servers and stuff. We also take transparency, accountability and your privacy very seriously. Our Terms and Conditions Agreement can be found here while more information on how Flockworthy works can be found here . We're also a bunch of regular, totally unpretentious, down to earth folks living small and working hard in Brooklyn, NY.